Server Updates - April 2024 - WINDOWS

Server Updates - April 2024 - WINDOWS
Support Team
Support Team

Created: 11/04/2024 6:47 PM - Updated: 11/04/2024 6:47 PM

Network Announcement WINDOWS SERVERS -

11 April 2024

WINDOWS SERVERS: This information only applies to customers using hosting on our Windows Servers. If you require help, then please as usual contact us directly.

Description of works being carried out -

Description of works:
We will be carrying out Windows Updates to our Windows Shared Hosting Servers, Hyper-V Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers during the times below.
At risk periods:
Commencing 11 April 2024 and concluding 12 April 2024.
Service Impacts (if any):
After updates are applied, servers will need to be rebooted, causing a short service interruption lasting between 1 and 4 minutes for each server.
Reason for works:
Microsoft releases Windows updates and patches on the second Tuesday of each month. These updates fix security vulnerabilities, performance and other issues. After testing the latest updates, we roll out Windows updates to all 123 Simples Managed Windows Servers.

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