Server Change 08 April 2024 - LINUX

Server Change 08 April 2024 - LINUX
Support Team
Support Team

Created: 08/04/2024 6:40 PM - Updated: 08/04/2024 6:40 PM

Network Announcement LINUX SERVERS -

08 April 2024

LINUX SERVERS: This information only applies to customers using hosting on our Linux Servers. If you require help, then please as usual contact us directly.

Description of works being carried out -

Description of works:
Change of server (a server is a computer that stores your website, files, emails and databases).
At risk periods:
Commencing 08 April 2024.
Service Impacts (if any):
All services continue to function as normal, but some customers may find they need to change the email connection settings on their devices. If you are not able to send and receive your emails please contact us and one of our team will get you up and running again.
Reason for works:
Due to increased expansion, 123 Simples needed to switch all our customer websites hosted on our Linux datacentres, from one server to another server. This did not affect any websites or how they function, but we needed more server space to ensure customers get the best from us.

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