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Nameserver Settings
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Created: 05/04/2021 3:03 PM - Updated: 15/03/2023 3:34 PM

123 Simples Nameserver Settings -

If you have registered your domain somewhere else and not with us, but you are using our hosting services, then you will need to update the nameservers, unless we have already helped you with this.

Depending on how we have been working with you (some clients ask us to do this for them), you will need to login to whatever control panel or client area, that your current hosting provider gives you. Somewhere within that panel, you should be able to find a Nameservers option, and you should see what your current nameservers are.

As an example they might be:

You would need to alter those lines to:

and if the was a third option

Once you have done that, save the settings, and then notify us that you have completed this step.

Avoiding down-time -

To help your actual site avoid any unnecessary down-time whilst the DNS Settings are being propogated throughout the cache, it would be better if we have already created the new site, so when the settings do take affect, then people will still be able to see your site, and not a blank page!

Why can I not see my new website?

Many people wonder why when they buy a new domain, or change a website to point at a new nameserver, that their website seems to "disappear". Basically this is because nameservers do not frequently change, and because of these ISP's will cache or save the nameserver settings on their servers, allowing the sites and pages to display quickly. Normally, ISP's will only update their records once or twice a day, and so if you change the nameservers, depending on your ISP, it may take between 24 and 48 hours for you to actually see your new site. So depending on your ISP, it may take 24 hours or more before you see your site resolving correctly.

During this period some people will be directed through the new nameservers while others will still be directed through the old nameservers.

Once I change my nameserver how long should it take?

In most cases, the Nameservers for your domain name are updated within a couple of minutes. However, due to Nameserver Caching and DNS propogation, you may have to allow between 24 and 48 hours before you may see your actual site.

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