Hosting Package Renewals

Hosting Package Renewals
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Created: 05/04/2021 2:55 PM - Updated: 17/05/2021 6:50 PM

Paying for web hosting -

123 Simples do not use automated billing software at the moment, so clients are usually invoiced at least 28 days prior to the hosting renewal date.

To make sure we offer the most affordable web hosting rates, we respectfully ask customers to make all hosting renewal payments as soon as they receive their invoice. This helps keep down costs for you, and makes sure that there is no service disruptions.

Late Payments or payments not made on time -

If we do NOT receive payments at least 5 days before the expiry date, then our automated systems used for hosting itself, will put the website(s) in a PAUSED MODE. This basically means that your website, email accounts and other associated services may stop working.

RENEWAL DATES: Invoices for services, domain names, hosting renewals, SSL Certificates etc are sent out 4 weeks prior to the annual renewal dates. Payment needs to be made at least 14 days prior to the actual renewal date itself to ensure there are no disruptions to your services.

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