Google Search Verify A Domain Name using DNS

Google Search Verify A Domain Name using DNS
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Created: 10/10/2021 5:39 PM - Updated: 23/06/2022 6:14 PM

Google Search Verify A Domain Name using DNS -

If you plan on using DNS to verify your domain name ownership in Google Search Console, you will need access to your hosting control panel, and add a txt DNS record there. Please follow the steps below to add a new DNS record:

1. Go to Google Search Console.
2. Click Add Property.
3. Choose Domain and enter your domain name.
4. Click 'Continue' and you will be redirected to the next step.
5. Copy the domain verification TXT record you’ll get.

Next steps login to your control panel -

Login to your hosting control panel (for the benefit of this article we are using CPanel) as an example.

6. Find Zone Editor under Domains;
7. Choose the domain you need to verify from Google Search Console and choose Manage;
8. Add a record and select TXT as a record type and then enter the following -

Valid zone name – your domain name;
TTL – 3600;
Text – your verification text copied from Google in step 5 above;

Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click 'Add record' to save the new DNS entry.

Go back to Google Search Console -

Go back to Google Search Console and click 'Verify'. If you get a Ownership Verification Failed, don't panic. It may take time for your DNS records to update, and for Google to recognise this has happened.

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