Contact Forms and dedicated email accounts

Contact Forms and dedicated email accounts
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Created: 17/01/2022 7:46 PM - Updated: 08/03/2022 8:19 PM

Contact Forms and dedicated email accounts -

When we setup your website, we will also setup dedicated email accounts for your domain name if requested. Unlike gmail, hotmail or generic email addresses, contact forms on any website will need to use a specific email address linked to the particular domain name it is on to make it work. This needs to happen because of the way contact forms are processed by the server, and how then the information is then sent onto you. If you have just a link for example - send me an email - then yes that can be sent to any email address you want. Or if you have a phone me now button that can be linked to a phone number.

However if you have a contact form, on a domain name called for example, then we will need to use a dedicated email address directly linked to that domain name. For example info@ or sales@ but they will be always followed by the domain name - or

How do I access these email addresses?

Every client is provided with the login details, and information needed to access, use, send and receive from their dedicated email address. If you have issues accessing emails, then let us know so we can make sure you have the correct login information.

Why can I not use my own email address?

Website contact forms do not work this way! Because there has been an increase in spam emails and people abusing contact forms, servers tend to insist on certain protocols being used when creating a website contact form.

Having a contact form on your website doesn't stop you from using a gmail account, or hotmail or yahoo email address, BUT you will need to check the dedicated email address associated with your contact form on your website to see if someone has completed the online contact form.

How do I check this dedicated email address?

You will have been provided with details how to check, send and receive from this dedicated email address. If you are having problems, then please contact us.

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