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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

1st Choice Hosting is part of 123 Simples - a UK based web design and hosting provider agency. Our main business at 123 Simples provides web design and hosting packages for all our clients. If you buy a web hosting package via this website domain, you will be dealing with 123 Simples (or one of our approved server providers).

What types of hosting servers do you use?

We only use what we consider to be the best - we have two main datacentres which are both capable of running high end, high powered machine servers. We have been dealing with both of these suppliers for many years and know that their services are the best around.

Do you supply Windows or Linux based hosting?

We supply both Windows and Linux hosting servers - depending on what type of websites or scripts you might plan to use we will advise you to choose one or the other.

What is your uptime?

Our uptime is 99.9% and we actively monitor both servers (in turn so do our providers) and we can say with confidence that we have very few problems over many successful years. That is why we are one of the most trusted UK businesses that look after our clients.

Can I switch plans?

You can switch plans within each hosting system - but if you are for example using Linux, then your plan choices will be limited to the packages on offer via our Linux provider systems. You cannot switch from Linux to Windows or vice-versa without consulting with one of our Tech Team first.

Is my data safe? Do you take backups?

Our servers use backups which should protect your websites. If you deal direct with us, your data is safe and we are registered with the ICO.

Do you include protection from viruses?

Our servers employ stringent protection measures against viruses. This will also include emails - HOWEVER as with any email, if there are links in the email, and/or attachments, then you still need to take precautions to safeguard your own systems.

Is email hosting included in packages?

Every web hosting account can have dedicated email addresses - depending on which package you take, then this might be one, two, four or several email accounts.